online brand protection

Online Brand Protection

Help protect your brand from counterfeiting, fraud, piracy, cyber-squatting and other digital threats.

Online Brand Protection is a vast subject matter. You can think of it simply as

Everything that is happening online around my brand that I cannot see

The Problems

Rogue Websites

People buying domain names similar to, or an exact match to your brand, products, company or intellectual property. In the hope of selling the domain name for profit, back to you in the future.

The use of your brand in emails to consumers, essentially pretending to be you and gaining confidential information, through links back to rogue websites.

Rogue websites (copycats), online marketplaces, social media and mobile applications are all possible locations for the promotion or direct sell of counterfeit goods. Leading to loss of revenue and harm to you reputation.

Redirection of traffic away from your legitimate websites and normally to sell counterfeit goods or to 'phish' for confidential information.

False claims of affiliation, 'I have been working with', 'I am a legitimate reseller', 'In partnership with'. All forms of traffic diversion and potential negative impact to your brand.

Positive or negative sentiment regarding your products, brand, company or products. Sometimes deliberate in order to damage a brand, in other cases consumer right to reply.


Combatting the problems


Dotegy has the flexibility of approach to taylor your requirements as necessary. We can rapidly deploy new technology to almost any part of the globe, giving us both speed of response to new threats with truly global coverage.

That means when we say bespoke, it is truly bespoke and we don't quote if "it's on our roadmap" or not. If you need it - it's now on our roadmap!


The Benefits

Protect your brand
Promote your brand
Protect Revenues
Retain your traffic
Don't let them win

You have put all the hard work into creating, building and promoting your brand. Don't let someone else steal what's rightfully yours


Why Dotegy

Dotegy not only helps you 'see' the 'hidden' but take action against those problems. Allowing you to recuperate lost revenue, repair damaged reputation, free your time to do your normal job and counter threats to your intellectual property

We are incredibly geeky and that's good news for you. It means we don't like to lose a technical challenge. When you're talking about the internet, it's not about kicking down doors and brawn, it's about brain power and finding new ways to solve technical problems.

Everything is available to you in one portal. You don't have to manage domain name web assets any differently from your online brand protection services. Domain names provide the fundamental building block to your online presence and serve as a 'whitelist' for false positives e.g. detecting new domain name registrations!