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It's all about knowing what is happening to and around your brands.

Online Brand Protection

Track potential cyber-squatters and be alerted when domain names are registered referencing your brand. Find and action counterfeit or grey market activity on market places. Find and action rogue websites creating brand reputation, piracy or fraud problems on Social Media, Mobile Application Stores and through Google organic links


A single location to manage your digital assets. Discover newly registered domain names not in your domain name portfolio. Identify counterfeit products on market places through simple keyword detection that can be repeatedly used also on Social Media, Mobile Application and Google organic link searching. Start cases against offenders and track them through to shut down.


A full history of results in one place allowing you to analyse and deal with the root cause issues against fraud, counterfeit acitivity, cyber-squatters and other digital threats. Analyse repeat sellers, repeat listings, most counterfeitted products, most damaging platform, value of damage against the brand. Full case management and lifecycle (case open/closed/in-progress, with whom, for how long, overdue, re-opened due to non-compliance).


View the simplicity of use for yourself with our YouTube videos on portal usage. Ask for a personalised demonstration today or complete a simple Risk Analysis to see the immediate problems facing your brand online today. Save yours and your companies time and money by dealing with the problems facing your brand, simply and in one place.

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Internet Intelligence

Tackle your cyber-squatter, fraud, piracy or rogue website problem today by finding and then monitoring what is happening to registered domain names, whois information or specific web pages on the internet


Be alerted when newly registered domain names match your brand, product or company. Place these domain names under a 'watch' so that when they become active (a website is created) you can verify the contents. Watch for 'whois' changes in domain names to see change of ownership, domain expiry status, delegation changes. Monitor specific web pages for changes to content - adding references to your brand, products or company - showing intention of bad faith.


Receive a status update every night, regardless of an actual change happening so you can see the service is continually running. The same information is available in the Dotegy portal, with a complete history, day by day of the state for each service. View, download or share this information with colleagues, providing them with access to the portal. Stop hunting through email history to find the evidence your looking for. Spend your time combatting the cyber-squatter and not dealing with administration.


Whilst free services are suitable in a lot of cases, they consume your time and energy to set them up, switch between them each day and extract the information for reporting and in some cases you don't know if the service will exist tomorrow! Dotegy provides a complete service history from the moment the service is created so you can track, over a period of time what has happened. Screen captures, before and after information, downloadable results and multi-user access to the portal all come as standard. Saving you and your company time and money in getting to the right information and deciding on the next steps.

Domain Name Portfolio Strategy

What do I have, why do I have it, what is it doing and is that good or bad?


Have all your online digital assets in one place, even if they are with multiple suppliers. Access and share this portfolio information with colleagues through the Dotegy Portal or download the results and share offline. Get analysis of your portfolio and what it is doing or NOT doing for you. Are domains pointing to websites, holding pages or doing nothing! Is your whois information consistent across the portfolio - do you risk losing a domain through invalid information? Are your web sites protected with SSL certificates (https) - what type, when do they expire and if not why not? Why do I have some domain name extensions like .com but not others like .paris - is this our strategy or lack of a strategy?


See your domain names, SSL certificates, TMCH registrations and DPML block information all in one central location, even if these domain names, SSL certificates, TMCH registrations and DPML blocks are not all with Dotegy but other registrars! Receive in-depth analysis and recommendation for improvement of this portfolio - are the main strings for your domain names protected? Do you have domain alerting in place to capture cyber-squatter or rogue website creation? See which domain names point to websites and which do not - and how to fix them? Is your whois information a mess putting your companies risk of losing a domain name very high? Why do you have certain domain name extensions and not others - should you expire/delete some and then buy others?


There's no other portal or service on the planet that can offer you ALL this information except the Dotegy Portal. To see everything you have in one place, to be able to analyse and make decisions about improving some of the weaknesses and to be able to track that progress in real-time as adjustments are made to your portfolio is invaluable to the person responsable for that portfolio. It saves you time, money and de-risks the issues for your company. If you're the person who will have to explain why a domain name has been lost, when it could have been avoided, you need the Dotegy Portal.

Domain Name Portfolio Management

Organise, collate, research and understand your portfolio


World class DNS management facility. No domain names dropped - EVER! Free analysis and recommendation for your portfolio. All your assets in one place, domain names, SSL certificats, TMCH registrations and DPML blocks - even if they are with other suppliers.


Don't compromise on features when you can have them all! DNS management, external domain names, TMCH registrations, DPML blocks, SSL certificats, expiry date notifications for all online digital assets. Add internet intelligence or online brand protection services as you see fit and in one place - not in different portals, different logins, different providers, costing you time and money. When a new domain name is registered but it's in your portfolio, you don't need to be alerted. When a website is detectetd with your keywords but it's in your portfolio, you don't need to be alerted. Having domain name management combined with your online brand protection helps you work more intelligently by providing an immediate 'white-list' to prevent false positives.


When you buy an online asset (domain name, SSL certificate, TMCH registration or DPML block), you want the process to be quick, painless and preferably cheap. Once you have the asset, you want the maintainance of that product to be exactly the same, quick, painless and easy. Don't compromise on a partly good experience, when you can have the full experience. When you buy a domain name from your provider you don't want to be alerted to the registration by a second provider, and informed that a website exists by a third provider and that it's been changed by a fourth provideretc etc. Save you and your company time and money by working more effectively and intelligently with the Dotegy portal and services.


Tackle the problems of counterfeiting, fraud, piracy, cyber-squatting and other digital threats.

  • beginnings

    July 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Part geek and part need! In our former lives our customers were asking for services that were just not readily available to them. We decided to change that and create a set of tools that should be quick intuitive and most importantly, useful.

  • success

    August 2015

    Building Blocks for Success

    Take as little or as much as you want with Dotegy. The principle is to start with services that are easy to configure and use, then as your needs change or you want to find out more about your brand online, progress to Brand Protection. Looking to tackle counterfeiting, then perhaps you want market place searching. Looking to tackle cyber-squatters then perhaps you want domain name activation, whois change detection or web page change detection.

  • online brand protection

    September 2015

    Brand Protection Enhancements

    Additional Brand Protection services added including, market place monitoring (eBay, Alibaba, iOffer, PaiPai), social media (Facebook, Twitter) and organic Google search results. Piracy, rogue websites and counterfeit activity are difficult problems to track and action, let Dotegy help you tackle the problem.


    October 2015

    Dotegy Online Launched

    The online version of Dotegy concentrating on domain name and SSL services, whilst offering 'off the shelf' internet monitoring services such as Domain Name Activation, Whois Change Detection and Web Page Change Detection - be prepared and informed against cyber-squatters. Dotegy Online


    November 2015

    Dotegy API Launched

    We know that when you've already invested time, money and effort into creating a portal that the last thing you want, is to try and integrate another one (even if it can be white-labelled, like ours). So we created the Dotegy API (DAPI). This allows you to seemlessly setup services, retrieve results and manage your data how YOU WANT TO. We've even taken the liberty of building a few fun apps over the top of it ourselves! Check out our news aggregator


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